Top Ten Catalog Albums (May 12th, 2017)


  1. Eartha KittC’est Si Bon: Released, 1969 on RCA, is a compilation of Kitt’s early hits which included the classic: “Uska Dara – A Turkish Tale”, “Just An Old Fashioned Girl” and “C’est Si Bon”. Recommended for lovers of popular vocals from the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s.



2. Nancy WilsonYesterday’s Love Songs/Today’s Blues:  Released, December 1963 on Capital.  On her eighth studio album, Wilson teams up with Gerald Wilson for an intoxicating mix of jazz and blues standards.  Recommended for lovers of popular and jazz vocals.



3. Sammy Davis Jr.Starring:  Released, January 1955 on Decca and Davis’s debut for the label and also contains the top 20 hit “Hey There“. Starring find Sammy Davis in peak form.  Highly recommended.



4. Dionne WarwickThe Sensitive Sound Of:  Released, February 15, 1965 on Spector was Warwick’s 4th studio album with the team of Hal David & Burt Bacharach. The songs begin to mature during this album and notable originals like “Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You So” and Only The Strong, Only The Brave showcase this maturity.  Highly Recommend.



5. Olivia Newton – JohnPhysical:  Released, October 13th 1981 on MCA and was John’s ninth studio album.  Physical was Olivia Newton John at her highest.  Physical peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Top 200.



6. Dionne WarwickDionne (1979):  Released, May 1979 on Arista and is also her debut for the label. The singles ” I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” and Isaac Hayes penned “Deja Vu” restarted her career and earning  two Grammys.  Essential Listening



7. Nat King ColeLove Is The Thing:  Released, April 1957 on Capital and teamed with Gordon Jenkins. Notable single from this session was the beautiful “Stardust“.  Love Is The Thing peaked at number 1 on Billboard Pop albums.  Recommended listening.



8. Judy GarlandThe Best Of :  Released, 1963 on Decca, this 2 lps compilation covers music from Garland movie era. There is nothing really special about this package just a new album cover.


9. Frank Sinatra w/ Count Basie & The OrchestraSinatra At The Sands: Released July 1966 on Reprise.  Sinatra at the Sands was Franks first commercial live recording: and still a favorite among music lovers today. Quincy Jones arranged and conducted the performance. You have Sinatra on the mike, Basie on piano & Jones driving the band, this album is Highly Recommended.


10. Tony BennettI Gotta Be Me:  Released, August 1969 on Columbia. Typical sessions for an artist like Bennett to sing songs of the younger generation such as the multiple Bacharach/David covers for an example. Tony Bennett die hard fans will find this album of interest.







One thought on “Top Ten Catalog Albums (May 12th, 2017)

  1. I love every single one of them. Sammy Davis Jr. is one of my all time people. I got to see him live and he was the most incredible and amazing person. What a dancer, singer, actor. There was nothing he couldn’t do.

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