Top Ten Catalog Albums ( June 2, 2017 )

Erykah Badu remains at the number 1 slot for the 2nd week with Mama’s Gun.  Jumping up a slot to number 2 and enjoying their second week on the charts is The Doors with their self-titled album. Miles Davis and Kind Of Blue enters it’s first week on the charts at number 3. Enjoying their second week on the charts we have another Miles Davis title Sketches of Spain moving up three slots to number 4, John Coltrane with My Favorite Things move up 2 notches to number 6, and David Bowie, whose Heroes album has been holding strong for three weeks in the top ten.  Michael Jackson and the Jacksons enter the top ten with their classic Triumph album from 1980 at number 5, Nas’s Illmatic enters the charts at number 9 with Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours at number 10.



1. (2nd Week) Erykah BaduMama’s Gun: Released, November 21,  2000 on Motown and is Badu’s second studio album. Considered by most to be her most eclectic sounding record, Mama’s Gun peaked at number 3 on  Billboard R&B Albums and number 11 on Billboard Top 200. Highly Recommended!!!


2. (2nd Week) The DoorThe Doors: Released, January 4, 1967 on Elektra is the groups debut album. The Doors contains two strong hits: “Break On Through” and “Light My Fire“.  according to Acclaimed Music; “The Doors has since been frequently ranked by critics as one of the greatest albums of all time”. The Doors album peaked at number 2 on Billboard Top 200.  Highly Recommended!!!! 


3. Miles DavisKind Of Blue:  Recorded, March 2 & April 22, 1959 and released, August 17, 1959 on Columbia. Kind of Blue is Miles’s masterpiece and considered  one of the best records of all-time  and a must have classic in jazz circle around the world.  Kind of Blue is an entire album of modal jazz and notable musicians on the date include: John Coltrane, Wynton Kelly, Bill Evans, Cannonball Adderley, and Paul Chambers. Highly Recommended!!!!!

Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain.png

4. (2nd Week) Miles DavisSketches Of Spain:  Recorded, November 20, 1959 and March 10, 1960.  Released, July 18, 1960 on Columbia, pairs Miles Davis with arranger and conductor Gil Evan on a Third Stream masterpiece composed of Spanish Folk. There was 19 musicians who played on the session  with Davis and Evans. In a contemporary review for Down Beat, Bill Mathieu hailed Sketches of Spain as one of the 20th century’s most important musical works so far and a highly intellectual yet passionate record. Highly Recommended!!!!!

5. The JacksonsTriumph: Released, September 26, 1980 on Epic and is the fifteenth studio album from the brothers from Gary, Indiana. With Michael supplying the bulk of the songs and lead vocal, Triumph went to number 1, sold three million copies and generated three classic singles; a first for the Jacksons after exiting Motown. Highly Recommended !!!

My Favorite Things.jpg

6. (2nd Week) John ColtraneMy Favorite Things:  Recorded, October 21,24, & 26 1960 on Atlantic. Released, March 1961, My Favorite Things is John Coltrane’s seventh studio album and is the first album John Coltrane featured the soprano saxophone.  The song “My Favorite Things” was a huge success on radio. Highly Recommended!!!!

The album cover features a black and white photograph of Bowie's face with his hands held up

7. (3rd Week) David BowieHeroes:  Released, October 14, 1977 on RCA and is twelfth studio album and his second album associated with Brian Eno and the Berlin sessions. Heroes charted better in the UK where the album reach number 3, however only peaking at 35 on Billboard Top 200 in the states.  Highly Recommended!!!!

You (album).jpg

8. Aretha Franklin You: Released, October 16, 1975 on Atlantic and is the twenty – fourth studio album by the Queen of Soul.  You represented the beginning of a decline in Aretha’s output on Atlantic and also marked the end of her successful collaboration with Jerry Wexler. You peaked at number 83 on Billboard Top 200.


9. NasIllmatic: Released, April 19, 1994 on Columbia and is his debut album for the label.  Illmatic is recognized as a landmark album of East Coast Hip Hop featuring; multi-syllabic internal rhymes and inner-city narratives.  Illmatic peaked at number 12 on Billboard Top 200 and number 2 on Top Hip-Hop Albums on Billboard. Highly Recommended!!!!

Mostly cream album cover with black-and-white image of tall, bearded gentleman holding a snow globe in front of a blonde, cape-wearing woman. In the top right-hand corner, it is captioned "FLEETWOOD MAC" and "RUMOURS" below it.

10. Fleetwood MacRumours:  Released, February 4, 1977 on Warner Brothers and is the group’s eleventh studio album.  Rumours is one the all time best selling albums ever and the bands most commercial album selling 45 million worldwide. Rumours peaked at number 1 on Billboard Top 200. Highly Recommended!!!!!








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