Top Ten Catalog Albums ( June 9, 2017 )

After two weeks at the number 1 position, Erykah Badu’s Mama’s Gun has been dismantled this week by jazz legend Miles Davis and his 1959 masterpiece Kind Of Blue which leaped from number 3 to this weeks number 1 position. Re-entering the top ten after a week absence is Axis: Bold As Love by Jimi Hendrix at number 2 this week.  Sade had a strong week with her debut album Diamond Life landing the band at the number 3 position. Notable new entries this week include; Maxwell with Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite landing at number 8, D’Angelo with his 2000 masterpiece Voodoo spending its first week at number 4, Prince with his breakthrough album 1999 enter the charts this week at number 9, while Ray Charles’s debut  Hallelujah, I Love Her So entered the top ten at number 10.


1. (2nd Week) Miles DavisKind Of Blue:  Recorded, March 2 & April 22, 1959 and released, August 17, 1959 on Columbia. Kind of Blue is Miles’s masterpiece and considered  one of the best records of all-time  and a must have classic in jazz circle around the world.  Kind of Blue is an entire album of modal jazz and notable musicians on the date include: John Coltrane, Wynton Kelly, Bill Evans, Cannonball Adderley, and Paul Chambers. Highly Recommended!!!!!



2. (Re-Entry) Jimi HendrixAxis: Bold As Love:  Released, December 1 1967 on Track and was Hendrix’s second studio album.  Axis: Bold As Love is a mixture of Hard Rock, Jazz and R&B, peaking at number 1 in the UK.  Highly Recommended!!!!!


Sade - Diamond Life.png

3. SadeDiamond Life: Released, July 16, 1984 on Portrait/Epic, Diamond Life was the band’s debut album. Selling well on both U.S. and UK markets, the album would go on to release four singles: “Your Love Is King“, “When Are We Going To Make A Living“, “Smooth Operator” and “Hang On To Your Love“.  Diamond Life was received highly by both fans and critic: Lynn Van Matre from the Chicago Tribune deemed the record “casual cocktail-lounge elegance”.  Diamond Life peaked at number 5 on Billboard Top 200, number 3 on Billboard Top R&B Albums and number 5 on Billboard Top Jazz. Highly Recommended!!!!!


Voodoo UK.jpg

4. D’AngeloVoodoo: Released, January 25, 2000 on Virgin, Voodoo is the second studio from D’Angelo that features a looser and funkier sound than the debut Brown Sugar from five years previous. Considered a masterpiece by his fan and music critic globally. Voodoo peaked at number 1 on both Billboard ‘s Top 200 & R&B Albums.  Highly Recommended!!!!


MilesDavis SomedayMyPrinceWillCome.jpg

5. Miles DavisSomeday My Prince Will Come: Recorded, March 7, 20 & 21 1961 on Columbia and was released December 11, 1961. This recording finds him at an awkward stage in his career: John Coltrane had departed in 1960, while Ornette Coleman was challenging the landscape of jazz with his theory of free jazz. Someday My Prince Will Come is a beautiful album by Miles Davis, however, nothing exciting really happens. Recommended!!!


Image result for apollonia 6 sex shooter long version)

6. Apollonia 6 – Sex Shooter (12″ Single): Released, April 30, 1984  as the initial single from the Apollonia 6 album on Warner Brothers.  Prince wrote the song for the group Apollonia 6, and the song only appears on the girl’s debut album Apollonia 6.


Prince kiss.jpg

7. Prince and The RevolutionKiss: Released, February 5, 1986 on Paisley Park, and is the first single released from the album Parade. “Kiss” became Prince’s third single in the U.S. and also charted well in the UK.  The 12″ single of the song is an extension of the album track.  The extended section is based on the funky guitar line and contains much fuller instrumentation than the main track, including bass guitar, organ and horns. Highly Recommended!!!!



8. MaxwellUrban Hang Suite: Released, April 2. 1996 on Columbia and is Maxwell’s debut album featuring smooth r&b grooves and romantic themes.  Although Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite was not an immediate commercial success, it was helped by the release of its second single “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)“. Urban Hang Suite is regarded as a neo-soul classic.  Highly Recommended!!!!


1999 cover.jpg

9. Prince1999: Released, October 27, 1982 on Warner Brothers and is the fifth studio album by Prince. Die-hard Prince fans will agree that 1999 was Prince’s breakthrough album setting his career I motion.  Receiving widespread acclaim from critics and fans, 1999 generated 6 singles: “1999“, “Little Red Corvette“, “Delirious“, “DMSR“, “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” and “Automatic“. 1999 peaked at number 9 on Billboard Top 200 and number 3 on Billboard Top R&B Albums.


Related image

10. Ray CharlesHallelujah I Love Her So: Released, 1957 and 1962 0n Atlantic, it is the debut album of legendary soul singer Ray Charles. Notable single include: “I Got A Woman“, “Hallelujah, I Love Her So“, “Drown In My Own Tears“, “Mess Around” and “Sinner’s Prayers“. Highly Recommended!!!!


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