Top Ten Catalog Albums ( June 30, 2017 )

The past week has been an intense week on my Instagram/international_kat page because my loyal Instagram friends and followers have been busy, as they are every week, voting for their favorite catalog albums to chart on the Pluginin Exchange weekly to ten.  Prince and the Revolution celebrated the 30th anniversary of Purple Rain last week; charting at number three;  while John Coltrane’s jazz masterpiece A Love Supreme remains at number one for its second week.

Dropping down a from number 8 to number 10 this week, the Eurythmics with their third studio album Touch. Histoire de Melody Nelson by French singer Serge Gainsbourg spends its second week at number nine leaping up a notch from last week.  Re-entering the charts at number eight is Prince and The Revolution with his number one single “Kiss“.  D’Angelo is at his fourth week on the charts with Voodoo moving down one notch from number 3 to 4.  Donald Fagen’s debut The Nightfly enjoys its second week on the charts, dropping from number four to six.

Enjoying their first week in the top 10, we have Billie Holiday and her opus Lady In Satin landing at number five. Occupying the number two position with a bold is Amy Winehouse’s Lioness: Hidden Treasures. Trip-Hop group Massive Attack debuts at number seven with Blue Lines.





A blue-tinted black-and-white photograph of Coltrane's face looking to the left, with the logo "A Love Supreme/John Coltrane" written in white bold Arial across the top.

1. (2nd Week) John ColtraneA Love Supreme: Recorded, December 9, 1964 on Impulse.  A Love Supreme was released, January 1965, A Love Supreme became Coltrane’s biggest selling jazz album. The quartet include: John Coltrane on tenor & soprano saxophone and vocals, McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass and Elvin Jones on drums.  Coltrane,  intended A Love Supreme to be a spiritual album, broadly representative of a personal struggle for purity, and expresses the artist’s deep gratitude as he admits to his talent and instrument as being owned not by him but by a spiritual higher power.  Highly Recommended!!!!!



2. Amy WinehouseLioness: Hidden Treasures:  Released, December 2, 2011 on Island is a compilation album of unreleased songs and demos. Notable singles include; “Body & Soul“, a duet with Tony Bennett and “Our Day Will Come”. Lioness: Hidden Treasures peaked at number 5 on Billboard Top 200 and number 1 on Billboard R&B Albums. Recommended!!!



3. Prince and The RevolutionPurple Rain:  Released, June 25, 1984 on Warner Brothers and is the sixth studio album. Purple Rain is regularly ranked among the best albums in music history, and is widely regarded as Prince’s masterpiece. Prince wrote all of the songs on the album, some with the input of fellow band members. The five singles released included: “When Doves Cry“, “Let’s Go Crazy“, “Purple Rain“, ” I Would Die 4 U” and the duet with Apollonia, “Take Me With U“. Purple Pain peaked at number 1 on Billboard Top 200 and R&B Albums. Highly Recommended!!!!!



4. (4th Week) D’AngeloVoodoo: Released, January 25, 2000 on Virgin, Voodoo is the second studio from D’Angelo that features a looser and funkier sound than the debut Brown Sugar from five years previous. Considered a masterpiece by his fan and music critic globally. Voodoo peaked at number 1 on both Billboard ‘s Top 200 & R&B Albums.  Highly Recommended!!!!




5. Billie HolidayLatin In Satin: Released,  June, 1958 on Columbia and was Holiday’s musical opus. Reaction to the album Lady In Satin has been mixed. Holiday’s voice had lost much of its upper range in her 40s, although she still retained her rhythmic phrasing and mesmerizes with pure soul wrenching emotion.  Highly Recommended!!!!



6. (2nd Week) Donald FagenThe Nightfly: Released, October 1, 1982 on Warner Brothers, it is Donald Fagen’s debut studio album. The Nightfly was well-received, both critically and commercially and was certified platinum in the US, and generated two popular singles with “I.G.Y.” and “New Frontier“.  Nightfly peaked at number 24 on Billboard R&B Albums and number 25 on Billboard Top 200.  Highly Recommended!!!



7. Massive AttackBlue Lines:  Released, April 8, 1991 on Virgin and is the trip hop groups debut album. Blues Lines is described as soul music with bold, symphonic arrangements. Single released include: “Daydreaming“, “Unfinished Sympathy“, “Safe From Harm“, “Hymn Of The Big Wheel” and “Be Thankful For What You Got“.  Highly Recommended!!!



8. (Re-Entry) Prince and The RevolutionKiss: Released, February 5, 1986 on Paisley Park, and is the first single released from the album Parade. “Kiss” became Prince’s third single in the U.S. and also charted well in the UK.  The 12″ single of the song is an extension of the album track.  The extended section is based on the funky guitar line and contains much fuller instrumentation than the main track, including bass guitar, organ and horns. Highly Recommended!!!!



9. (2nd Week) Serge GainsbourgHistoire de Melody Nelson: Released, March, 1971 on Philips and is an concept album. Upon its release, Histoire de Melody Nelson received critical acclaim and praise, and considered by many critics and fans to be Gainsbourg’s most influential and accomplished work, as well as one of the greatest French-language albums of all times. Highly Recommended!!



10. (2nd Week) EurythmicsTouch: Released, November 14, 1983 on RCA and is the bands third studio album.  Touch was a commercial success in the U.S. and the UK. Touch spawned three hit singles: “Who’s That Girl“, “Right By Your Side” and “Here Comes The Rain Again“. Touch peaked at number 7 on Billboard Top 200 and number 35 on Billboard R&B Albums.  Recommended!!!!



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