Top Ten Catalog Albums ( July 7, 2017 )

Hello Music Enthusiasts,

It’s International_Kat and I am here to share this weeks catalog albums with you. It is because of you and your votes that I’m able to create a weekly top ten of catalog albums. Last week we enjoyed a very eclectic week of music @Instagram/International_Kat, spinning all the new recent arrivals to my personal vinyl collection.

This week the top ten is going to see eight new albums, with only two albums; Billie Holiday’s Lady In Satin and Massive Attack’s Blue Lines; are enjoying a second week in the top ten.

At number 10, we have The Beatles’ with a compilation album called, The Blue Album 1967-1970 from 1973. Bjork’s second studio album, Post lands the number 9 position, while Donna Summer’s Cinderella Disco Opera, Once Upon A Time hovers at number 8.  Drum legend, Buddy Miles proudly sit at lucky number seven and a strong contender for a second week on the charts. The only 12″ on the charts this weeks; Slave To The Rhythm by Grace Jones lands at number 5, while, hard-bop drum legend Art Blakey and his masterpiece Moanin rests at number 4.

The number one and two positions are both held by artist from the seventies, and both had major commercial success on the Billboard Top 200.  Coming in at number 2, disco, r&b, and funk group Chic with the dancefloor classic, C’est Chic. Beating out the production work of Rodgers/Edwards for the number one slot is Grover Washington Jr and his commercial opus, Mister Magic; which also shows signs of possibly remaining at the number one slot for a second week.




1. Grover Washington Jr.Mister Magic: Released, February 7, 1975 on Kudu and is Mr. Washington’s fourth studio album. Mister Magic is Grover Washington’s most commercial record to date: due partly to the his top ten hit single “Mister Magic”.  Mister Magic the album peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Top 200 and number one on both the Billboard R&B and Jazz Albums. Notable musicians on deck were Bob James on electric piano, Eric Gale on guitar, Harvey Mason on drums and Ralph MacDonald on percussion. Scott Yanow stated in an review for Allmusic that it is “one of Grover Washington Jr.’s best-loved recordings and considered a classic of r&bish jazz.”  Recommended!!!



2. ChicC’est Chic: Released, August 11, 1978 on Atlantic and is the groups second album. Chic’s blend of Disco, R&B and Funk touched a nerve with the audience because C’est Chic spawned 3 hit single; “Le Freak“, “I Want Your Love” and “Chic Cheer“. Notable musician on the date with the production team of Rodgers/Edwards are Alfa Anderson and Luci Martin on lead vocals, Tony Thompson on drums and special guest Luther Vandross also on backing vocals. C’est Chic peaked at number four on the Billboard Top 200 and number one on Billboard R&B Albums.  Highly Recommended!!!



3. (2nd WeekBillie HolidayLatin In Satin: Released,  June, 1958 on Columbia and was Holiday’s musical opus. Reaction to the album Lady In Satin has been mixed. Holiday’s voice had lost much of its upper range in her 40s, although she still retained her rhythmic phrasing and mesmerizes with pure soul wrenching emotion.  Highly Recommended!!!!



4. Art Blakey And The Jazz MessengersMoanin: Recorded, October 30, 1958 and released January, 1959 on Blue Note and is Art Blakey’s debut for the label. Jazz is a genre that doesn’t focus on hit singles, however, if one come along they don’t run from it: as in the case with the Bobby Timmons penned  classic “Moanin“.  Recorded by Rudy Van Gelder, the Moanin album stands out as an important  prototype for Hard Bop music to follow.  Notable musicians include: Lee Morgan on trumpet, Benny Golson on tenor saxophone and  Bobby Timmons on piano. Highly Recommended!!!!!



5. Grace JonesSlave To The Rhythm (12″ Single)(Picture Disc): Released, October, 1985 on Island and was the first single from the album of the same name. Produced by Trevor Horn, “Slave To The Rhythm” is Grace Jones’ most commercial song next to “Pull Up To The Bumper“.  “Slave To The Rhythm” peaked at number one on Billboard Hot Dance Tracks and number Billboard Hot Black Singles. Recommended!!!



6. (2nd Week) Massive AttackBlue Lines:  Released, April 8, 1991 on Virgin and is the trip hop groups debut album. Blues Lines is described as soul music with bold, symphonic arrangements. Single released include: “Daydreaming“, “Unfinished Sympathy“, “Safe From Harm“, “Hymn Of The Big Wheel” and “Be Thankful For What You Got“.  Highly Recommended!!!


buddy miles

7. Buddy MilesWe Got To Live Together: Released, 1970 on Mercury. The psychedelic soul record, We Got To Live Together was praised by rock and soul fans alike, however, some felt the album was only popular due to his association with the Band of Gypsys, led by Jimi Hendrix, and his classic debut album Them Changes. Recommended



8. Donna SummerOnce Upon A Time: Released, October 31, 1977 on Casablanca and it’s Summers’ sixth studio album. Once Upon A Time is Summer’s third concept album; Cinderella meets Disco music ,however, it’s her first double album.  Not successful at its initial release, Once Upon A Time, twenty years later,  is now regarded as an electronica prototype to the young generation making music in the electronica genre. Once Upon A Time peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Top 200 and number 13 on Billboard R&B Albums.



9. BjorkPost: Released, June 13, 1995 on Elektra and it her second album. Post continues where Debut left off; electronic and dance music. Post was an commercial success spawning six singles: “Army Of Me”, “Isobel”, “It’s So Quiet“, “Hyperballad“, “Possibly Maybe” and “I Miss You“.  Notable producers include: Tricky, Nellee Hooper, Howie B. and Graham Massey. Lorraine Ali of Rolling Stone praised the album for providing a “much-needed escape route” from the alternative rock offerings of the early 1990s, and for successfully merging disparate styles”. Post peaked at number 32 on Billboard Top 200. Highly Recommended!!!!



10. The BeatlesThe Blue Album 1967 – 1970: Released, April 2, 1973 on Apple and is an compilation album that peaked at number one on Billboard Top 200.  Recommended







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