Top Ten Catalog Albums ( July 28, 2017 )

Hello Music Lover and Enthusiast

I hope you had a great week because I did. I got the opportunity to fine tune and beef up my blog page a bit, however, the music never stops and I’m here this week to share with you the results of my Instagram followers weekly vinyl picks; established through random catalog albums uploaded to Instagram to create likes for random catalog albums.   I must tell you my followers are pretty touch; one week they will have nothing but love for an album and then the following week they would completely ignore that very same album. 

This week voters put two classic jazz albums on the chart; Miles Davis  and Gil Evans enters the charts with their Third Stream masterpiece Miles Ahead at number 10while John Coltrane’s  Spanish album Ole enjoys the number 3 position for second week in a row.

80’s super group, The Police move up from number 9 to number 6 with their final album Synchronicity. Making their debut at number 7 this week is fellow Talking Head members Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth aka The Tom Tom Club.

The ladies really do love Barry White, for a second week , I’ve Got So Much To Give has managed to nestle himself comfortably at number 4.  Prince’s protégés Vanity 6 entered the chart this week at number 9, while the Grace Jones 80’s anthem “Pull Up To The Bumper” posts itself at number 8. R&B super group Earth, Wind & Fire had the second strongest debut this week landing the band at number 5.

The strongest debut this week by far is by the English band Sade who dominate the number 1 & 2 positions: Stronger Than Pride the album at number one , and the single “Paradise” at number 2. 





1. SadeStronger Than Pride: Released, April 5, 1988 on Portrait and is the third studio album by the band.  Released to critical acclaim by jazz, r&b, and pop fans and music critic, Stronger Than Pride  is considered the bands most commercial release of the their eighties input. Stronger Than Pride finds the band peaking musically and lyrically and also associating with additional talented musicians such as; Leroy Osbourne  on vocals, Martin Ditcham on drums and percussion and Nick Ingman whose string arrangements can be heard on “Haunt Me” and “I Never Thought I’d See The Day “. U.S. singles released include; “Paradise” and “Nothing Can Come Between Us“.  Stronger Than Pride peaked at number three on Billboard R&B Albums and number 7 on Billboard Top 200.  Highly Recommended!!!



2. SadeParadise: Released, July 2, 1988 on Portrait and is the first U.S. single released from the album Stronger Than Pride. “Paradise” is often considered their signature song, alongside 1984’s “Smooth Operator“, 1985’s “The Sweetest Taboo“, and 1992’s “No Ordinary Love.” “Paradise” peaked at number one on Billboard Hot Black Singles, number three on Billboard Adult Contemporary and number 16 on Billboard Hot 100. Recommnded



3. (2nd WeekJohn ColtraneOle Coltrane: Recorded, May 25, 1961and released November, 1961 on Atlantic and is Coltrane’s ninth studio album and his final recording for Atlantic to Impulse. Notable musicians include: Freddie Hubbard, Eric Dolphy, McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones. Highly Recommended!!!



4. (2nd WeekBarry WhiteI’ve Got So Much To Give: Released, March 27, 1973 on 20th Century is the debut studio album by Mr. White.  I’ve Got So Much To Give had a strong impact on listeners that the album spawned two hit songs: “I’ve Got So Much To Give” and “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby”.  The album peaked at number one on the Billboard R&B Albums and number 16 on Billboard Top 200.  Recommended!!


earth wind and fire

5. Earth, Wind & FireThat’s The Way Of The World: Released, March 15, 1975 on Columbia and is the sixth studio album by the group. That’s The Way Of The World, was also the soundtrack for a 1975 motion picture of the same name. Released to positive reviews from r&b/pop fans and music journalist. in 1975, Billboard magazine described the album as “a very tightly produced and performed package”. The album was accompanied by two hot singles: “Shining Star“, “That’s The Way Of The World” and the groups breakout hit and the love anthem “Reasons“.  That’s The Way Of The World peaked at number one on Billboard Top 200 and number one on Billboard R&B Albums. 



6. (2nd Week) The PoliceSynchronicity: Released, June 17, 1983 on A&M is the groups’ fifth album and also their swansong album. Synchronicity is the Police’s most commercial album to date selling over 8 million in the U.S. alone. Four singles were released: “Every Breath You Take“, “Wrapped Around My Finger“, “Synchronicity II” and “King Of Pain“.  Synchronicity peaked at number one on Billboard Top 200.  Recommended!!!



7. Tom Tom ClubTom Tom Club: Released, October 1981 on Sire and is the band’s debut album.  Released at the beginning of the emergence of hip-hop,  the Tom Tom Club had a huge hit with their lead off single “Genius Of Love”  and a dance hit with their second single “Wordy Rappinhood“.  Tom Tom Club peaked at number 23 on Billboard Top 200. Recommended!!!


grace jones pull

8. Grace JonesPull Up To The Bumper 12″: Re-released, 1985 on  Island and is considered a signature song of Grace Jones’.   Suggestive lyrics like the line “Grease it, Spray it,  Let me lubricate it” kept the song out of the mainstream radio. However, despite lack of radio play “Pull Up To the Bumper” became a top 5 hit on Billboard R&B Singles and was number two hit on Billboard Dance charts. Recommended



9. Vanity 6Vanity 6: Released, August 11, 1982 on Warner Brothers and it’s their debut studio album. Written, and produced by the Prince as another way to showcase new songs he had created. Vanity 6 consisted of Denise “Vanity” Matthews, Susan Moonsie and Brenda Bennett and the share lead and backing vocals.  Vanity 6 album released  four singles: “He’s So Dull“, “Nasty Girls“, “Drive Me Wild” and “Bite The Beat“. Even though, Vanity 6 peaked at number 45 on Billboard Top 200, among loyal Prince fans, the Vanity 6 album is highly regarded as some of Prince best production work from his early period.  Recommended!!!



10. Miles Davis – Miles Ahead: Recorded, May 6, 10, 23, 27 and August 22, 1957, released, October 21, 1957 on Columbia and was Miles Davis’s second studio album and his first major collaboration with composer Gil Evans.  The Miles Ahead album is considered one of the best recordings within the Third Stream genre. Even though, the trumpet is Miles’s main instrument, on Miles Ahead the jazz master chose to utilize the flugelhorn instead.  Miles Ahead was released to immediate acclaim, The Penguin Guide to Jazz gave Miles Ahead a four-star rating out of a possible four stars, and called the album “a quiet masterpiece…”.   Miles Davis’s rhythm section included; Paul Chambers on double bass, Art Taylor on drums, and Wynton Kelly on piano. Other notables players hired to play were as followed; Bernie Glow on lead trumpet, Ernie Royal on trumpet, Taft Jordan on trumpet, Jimmy Cleveland on trombone and Lee Konitz on alto sax. Highly Recommended!!!!!












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