What’s Pluginin Exchange all about?

The Pluginin Exchange is about the introduction & promotion of great music.

The music business used to be an industry that was attentive to a musician with a unique sound and style. Whatever the cost. The music industry used to have artist that inspired and spread wisdom. Global teachers of love, frustration and loss.

Unfortunately, the explosion of the internet has replaced these musicians with substandard musicians and music that is absent of lyrical content and musicianship. As a music enthusiast, I’m observing musicians still feeling frustrated, under-served, and neglected by the music industry.  The Pluginin Exchange is prepared to step in with a solution.  We will share our Pluginin platform with artist that deserve recognition.

My qualifications include 20 years of music management, retail and promotion experience which include: independent musician consultant and manager, music retail, and an online music promotion website.  While living in Minneapolis in 1995, I met a gentleman by the name of Craig Rice: who was the tour manager for Prince between 1985 – 1989: and it was under the wonderful instruction of Mr. Rice, that I absorbed and learned all the functions of how management interacts with different aspects of the music industry such as: promotions, radio, and artist development.

However, my passion music history and for new genres, innovative sounds, rhythms and melodies lead me to synchronization projects and ultimately to music retail.  In 1998, I relocated to Oakland, CA and became a music buyer and management at Tower Records (previously in Emeryville) and Virgin Megastore in San Francisco, California. During my tenure at Virgin Megastore, as the manager for mainstream and independent music departments, my team more than doubled sales from these department in less than two years. I achieved respect from my peers because I understood and appreciated  various music genres , and was able to translate my customers’ musical needs into a profit.

In the early 2000’s, the brick and mortar record stores began to close in rapid speed and the internet began to threaten the future of the music industry. However, I seen it as an opportunity for something new: this period is Pre-Myspace; so myself and Gina Morris developed a website called Evolution of Media. A relevant and exciting music platform that only interviewed and/or reviewed the music of independent musicians we thought were exceptionally talented and/or established artist who is underserved or ignored by Top 40 mainstream.

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